Happy New Year…and other things

Happy New Year Everyone!

It is the first week of 2013, and I am coming to you all with another post!  I want to wish you all a Happy New Year!  May this year be even better than the last!  😉

Because this is a new year, some of us make New Years Resolutions – goals that we’d like to fulfill before the end of the year.  Although I have not completed a list of New Years Resolutions, I definitely have things I’d like to accomplish before the year is up.  Here are the main projects I’d like to complete in no specific order:

1.  Successfully sew Vogue 8849.

Yesterday, I made a quick trip to a Joann’s Fabric Store in my area and saw that the Vogue Patters were $3.99 a pop.  I’m not sure if that was the best it could be, but decided to go for it when I saw Vogue 8849.  It’s a beautiful peplum style dress and it is to die for!  Well, the model on the pattern was rocking that dress WELL, so I decided to go for it!  Take a look!

Throughout the year, I will be looking for the right fabrics to sew this dress.  Lordy, I hope I can make it happen!

2.  Fitness, fitness, fitness!

Yes, FITNESS!  Since I want to be sewing items for myself, I really don’t want my hard work to go to waste when I can no longer fit something I’ve sewn, or worse…I simple don’t feel confident in the piece AFTER ALL THAT WORK!  So, I’ll need to commit to a healthier lifestyle with plenty of water and exercise.

3.  Blog here at least twice a month.

I’ve created blogs before and have let them go by the wayside because I am not committed to it.  Therefore, I am stating that I will post at least twice a month.  Lots of wiggle room, huh?  It can be hard work trying figure out what to post about if I commit to posting too much, right?  Chances are, I will most likely post more than twice a month, but I don’t want to set myself up for failure.  LOL…

4. Do a Mimi G tutorial.

Last year, sometime in the fall, I purchased 4 Mimi G. tutorials during a time when they were discounted.  I had just discovered Mimi G and loved her style and the fact that she sews and works her garments WELL!  The tutorial I’m most interested in is the tank jumper which can be converted into a shorts romper as well.  I’m looking forward to working on that some time in Spring and Summer.

5.  Projects for the Home

My husband and I live in a place with blinds everywhere.  Well, we agreed that curtains will be helpful to keep in the heat in these cold months.  So, although I my not get to it anytime soon (LOL), I’m putting that on the list for something to do in 2013.  Make curtains! Also, any other home items like pillows, etc…

6.  Complete 12 sewing projects this year.

As mentioned in my last post, I’m still committing to this goal!

What sewing projects will you all be working on this year?  Let me know!





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