Failing Miserably!!

Greetings all,

First topic of the day:  FAILURE! LOL…Yes, so far I have failed to complete 1 sewing project last month and now February is almost over and it looks like I’ll be failing this month as well.  Yeah, I know…it’s terrible but I’ve got to be honest with you all!  I started cutting pieces for a project that I had begun, when I suddenly realized that I hadn’t purchased enough fabric.  Well, it took me a some time to pick up the additional fabric and to this day, I have not picked up the project again.  In fact, I feel kind of uninterested in it now.  Ugggghhh! What the heck is wrong with me?  Have any of you done the same thing with projects you’ve started?

Still, I plan on completing at least 12 projects this year, even though I am coming up on two months behind schedule.  I wanted to drop in to update you all on my “no progress” status and let you know that this sewing journey is still underway, just a bit slower than anticipated.  If any of you are beginners, comment.  It helps to keep me in the game a bit.


Nikki I



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