Christmas DIY Projects

Hello Lovely People!

In an effort to keep my writing spirit alive, I thought I’d create a post to share with you some of the projects I worked on last year.  At that time, I wasn’t writing in this blog, so why not share it with you now?  😉

I began teaching myself to sew in the fall of 2012.  At first, I skimmed through Pinterest for tutorials, and boy, there are plenty of them out there!  Anyone who has an interest in sewing can find a simply tutorial for ANYTHING they want to make.  Yes, it may not be exactly the way the want, but as a beginner, I think it is good to stay with basic instructions until you become competent enough to delve into BIGGER territory.

So, here are some of the projects I completed last year (in no specific order) with my super cheap sewing machine from WALMART!  Yeah, buddy!  It was a brother and it did the job…!  So, what shall I share first?  Well, Christmas 2012 is coming to mind first. Let’s begin with that.

Last Christmas, I decided that I wanted to DIY Christmas, but I made the decision too late in the game.  However, I was able to make some last minute time to create specialized pillows for my little nieces.  Here is the photo of them:

Pillows for my nieces!

Pillows for my nieces!

I found the pattern for the owl on someone’s Pinterest board.  Did I mention that I love Pinterest?  Anyhow, because I was so strapped for time, I didn’t actually use all of the pattern pieces, but I think that the pillows still came out fabulous anyway.  In case you are interested in making something similar, you should check out The Crafting Fiend.  This is the post which contains all of the instructions and PDF links to the pattern pieces.

For my nephews, I didn’t think this owl appliqué would suit them.  Instead, I picked up some licensed fabric that they like and made a simple envelope pillow with it.  Here they are:

Pillows for my nephews!

Pillows for my nephews!

I tell you, I was so pleased with my work that day!  I thought I was going to go and buy plenty of fabric to make pillows at my own home, but I simply haven’t had or MADE time for it.  Humph! We shall see…

Honestly, these projects could be completed anytime throughout the year, not just for Christmas gifts.  So, Sewing FAM, think about it if you are strapped for time.  It’s super easy. 😉

Well, this concludes my sharing time.  I’ll be back to share more another time.  Have a wonderful rest of your week!


Nikki I.


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