In Love With African Fabrics

Hey there lovelies!

Dropping back in this afternoon because I have some beautiful photos to share. People, I am in love with african prints!! This obsession has been with me for about 4 years now, if not longer. It wasn’t until 2011 that I discovered some awesome and affordable items on Etsy to spice up my wardrobe. Back then, the store was called ifenkili. I haven’t shopped in a while, but you should check her out if you have the same love I do!

Anyway, I just wanted share some fabulous photos of ladies rocking african fashion.

Look at these women and their fabulous bags, yo! Summer time fine!

Friends! If you know where I can get some african print or real ankara fabric in the states, let know! I just don’t want to wait until my next visit to Nigeria or Ghana. I need it now for my sewing obsession! 🙂


This dress is another example of dressing summertime fine. i love it!!



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