I’m Back!!!

Hello Peeps!

I’ve arrived back home from the Mimi G’s Sewing, Fashion & Style Event and boy I am pooped!  What a busy weekend it has been!  Because I have to head out to work in the morning, I won’t have time tonight to create a full post about the event.  I really don’t want to cheat those of you are interested in reading my review of both days and I really do want to catch some Zzzzzzs!  I will say that I had a great time.  It was great to meet and see such a huge group of women out there to support Mimi G and to pick up as much info as possible from Mimi and the guest speakers.

So, that will be it for now.  I will be posting within the next day my review of what went down, feelings and sentiments, and photos that I managed to snap along the way.  For now, this is just a check in.  Stay tuned! 😉




One thought on “I’m Back!!!

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