My Experience at Mimi G’s Sewing, Fashion and Style Event 2013!

Hey there!

As promised, I am back to share with you all my experience in LA for Mimi G’s Sewing, Fashion & Style Event this year!  I actually arrived in downtown Los Angeles on Thursday morning with my husband for some extra R&R.  It was my husband’s birthday week, so we thought that we’d kill two birds with one stone. Nonetheless, it was still a busy 4 day vacation.

How We Got There

We drove the entire 5 hours and some change in rental car from the Bay Area early Thursday morning.  In hindsight, I really don’t recommend doing that at all.  Why?  Well, we ended up basically wasting a day trying to catch some ZZzzzs in our room once we arrived.  We were pooped!  So, we didn’t get up for dinner until around 5 or 6pm that Thursday!  What a waste!  It just means we may make adjustments for our next long drive to LA (someday in the future). Or perhaps we should’ve just slept before hitting the road, but being the late birds that we are, we spent our time packing after work and doing other errands before leaving…yeah, big mistake!

Photo of me at dinner time during our free time in Los Angeles!

Photo of me at dinner time during our free time in Los Angeles!

Where We Stayed

We booked the JW Marriot L.A. Live as our home away from home.  For us, it was an expensive hotel, however, I decided to go for the glory for a few good reasons.  Number 1, Mimi G’s event was going to take place within that hotel and I didn’t want to be bothered with having to get up early to drive over and find parking.  I considered allowing my husband to drive me there in the mornings, but he is not always keen about waking up early and in a timely fashion (sorry, babe! love you, though!).  So, staying at the “headquarters” was, for me, the best decision.

Let me tell you what went wrong, though!  The hotel, as nice as they are,  (and believe me, the customer service was GREAT)  does not give guests free parking.  The ONLY option was Valet service which was available all day.  And get this, it costed an extra $40 per night.  Lord, help me!  I was so disappointed when I discovered this information, but honestly, it was all my fault…I should have asked those questions before I booked!

The positives about the hotel was the $50 guest credit to use in restaurants and stores and for services (other than parking) in the hotel.  Also, the employees were very kind.  Not to mention, the hotel was right next door to the Staples Center and the LA Convention Center.  In this area, there are plenty of restaurants to grub within walking distance, no need to drive at all.

Day 1 with Mimi G

I was soooo excited on this day!  We signed in around 8am and picked up our badges and goody bags.  Everyone’s goody bags had something a little different in them.  Mine contained 2 Sew Simple Simplicity Patterns, thread scissors, white velcro, antibacterial soap, small tape measure and some other little doo dads.  Not to mention, we also received a code to download anyone of her tutorials past and present for FREE.  Nice, I’m looking forward to the Grey Off the Shoulder Maxi Dress tutorial!

Moving on, we spent some time introducing ourselves and then it was off to catch the bus to Micheal Levine’s Fabric Store in LA’s Fashion District area.   There were about 84 people in attendance, so the bus had to make 2 runs!  Micheal Levine’s provided us with goody bags too!

Fabric Store!

Fabric Store!

Once in the fabric store, I was lost.  So many types of fabric of varying prices, I just know I’ve bought fabric I’m never going to use, but hey, it was all a part of the experience.  I couldn’t help to buy plenty of knits in the store’s second floor Loft.  They were selling all fabric there for 2.50 per pound!  So, I’m seriously hoping to work with those fabrics to make maxis, shawls – something, because I don’t want to waste the fabric.

My fabric stack.  Nothing spectacular!

My fabric stack. Nothing spectacular!

We spent a good 3-4 hours at the fabric store and then hit the bus back to the hotel.  Lunch was provided for all of us and then we resumed our day.  Mimi G gave big lecture on an array of things that especially hit well for beginners. I won’t go into all that was discussed, though.  You had to be there! 😉


Day 2 With Mimi G

We had three guest speakers present.  Unfortunately, only one of them was used to giving presentations because he is a professor at FIT in NY. His name is Kenneth King and he was funny guy!  His presentation, though, was so above my head!  He discussed things that my mind hadn’t even bother to start considering just yet because I am still just a beginner at sewing.  However, there were PLENTY of people in the audience who were advanced and could definitely see how to apply the info he provided.

The other guest speakers were also obviously skilled at what they did.  Again, like Kenneth King’s presentation, it was over my head.  At any rate, I did take notes and there will definitely come a time when I will be able to utilize the information.  Here are a few other photos I took with other attendees, Mimi G and my husband.


The photo above is of my table mates, whom I hung with the entire time at the event.  From left to right, we have Mima of Mima’s Klozet and Maisha from SoCal.  It was nice to meet you folks! 😉


Above is a photo of myself, Mimi G and my husband!  Yes, he had to come through and take a photo with our host.  And that’s it folks!  Thanks for reading! 😉




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