Sewing Project #2: Gele Clutch Part 1

Hello again!

I’ve finally decided on my next project, however, I’m not sure that it will work!  This weekend, I have a Nigerian party to attend.  It is actually going to be an 80th birthday celebration, but there will be plenty of folks flying in from out of town (so I’ve heard).  I did not bother to find a tailor to sew an outfit for this occasion, although, my husband purchased the Asoebi material that the family was selling.  (If you don’t know what Asoebi is, take a look here).  Well, it turned out that what we had purchased was simply  Gele material, which is fine with me!  So, I intend on using the material to wrap my hair (after I learn how to do so) and to use the secondary piece to make a clutch.  By the way,  below is a photo of a beautiful gele style…as for me, I’m not so sure mine will look as this does…but I’ll be trying a little each day to try to get it to a point where I feel like I can walk out in public with it tied.  LOL..


Beautiful Gele Style!!

The problem:  The Gele material is very stiff – even paper like and I’m not sure how it will work with my sewing machine.  But, I won’t know unless I try it.  I did a quick google for purses and clutches made out of gele material and I got a few hits.  At least I know that it has been done.  How it is being done is what I don’t know.  So, risk is going down this week! LOL.  If any of you have tried sewing with that paper like gele material, let me know if you have any tips…I don’t plan to start sewing until around Thursday!

I’ll be using a pattern I got awhile back when I joined a sewing class at Joann’s Fabric Store in my area.  This project is due by this Saturday (because that is when the event is set to take place).  Crossing my fingers that everything will work out and that I’ll be able to manage my time well enough to get it done by then!  I’ll share the details as soon as I can! 😉

Clutch I made at sewing class at Joann's Fabric Store in my area!

Clutch I made at sewing class at Joann’s Fabric Store in my area!

Until next time!



4 thoughts on “Sewing Project #2: Gele Clutch Part 1

  1. That clutch looks fabulous!! I hope you made your deadline, if it looked anything like this clutch I’m sure it was a huge success 🙂

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