Sewing Project #2: Gele Clutch Part 2


The weekend is over, which means it’s time to fill you all in on the status of glee clutch.  In my last post, I mentioned that I was going to an 80th birthday party on Saturday (last Saturday) and that I need to get my clutch done by then.  Well, of course, i procrastinated!  I waited until Friday night to begin working on it, and stayed up until 3 am because I am such a slow poke when it comes to figuring out patterns.  You see, the first time I made this clutch, I did it in a Joann’s Sewing class in 2012 and our instructor stepped us through the creation because of the limited time.  In short, I really didn’t have to read the pattern much in that class.  Also, I couldn’t find any magnetic snap closures in my stash, so I had to pick those up the following day.  Man…my procrastination has got to stop!

So, I used a Simplicity pattern 2216 and attempted view D.  I decided not to add any lace or ribbon because it just wasn’t necessary in my opinion.  Here is a photo of me posing and ready for the party!


I tell you, I was so proud of myself! LOL…and now another photo with my purse slam in you all’s face! BAM!!


The construction of the purse wasn’t really difficult.  My main issue was, and is, that my sewing machine keeps bunching up underneath.  I’m not sure why this keeps happening.  I need HELP!!!  I did a quick google search, and most solutions seem to indicate that there might be a problem with the thread tension on my sewing machine.  Because I was in such a rush, I didn’t get to trouble shoot just yet.  I’m going to try to play with my machine a bit more this week to see how I fix this issue.  It makes my sewing looking very messy and I’d like to make items for friends and family without it looking “bootleg.”  If any of you have any tips on how to fix this issue, let me know.  I use a Singer Sew Mate.

I started off creating the lining with the inner pockets and then the bag’s body.  Would I make another bag using this pattern?  Yes, I would!  Even though the bag is pretty big and flimsy, I think it is a cute.  Also, I’d like to make it with straps since it is big enough for that sort of thing.  We will see…hmmm!!!

So, this gele clutch was only my second project of the year! LOL…If you’ve went back a few posts, you know that my commitment was to do at least 12 sewing projects this year.  That means 1 project per month.  It’s August, and I’m only on project number 2?  Lord have mercy on me!  Well, as an added bonus, I’m attaching a photo of my husband and I for your enjoyment:


Until next time, thanks for reading! 😉



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