I’ve Been So Busy…Surprise!

Greetings all!

It has a been a long long time since I’ve come to make a post on this site.  I have been so very busy during the last six months of so because I had been creating something so special.  I was baking a beautiful baby girl who was born in December of 2013!  Surprise, surprise!  😉

Although I am sad that I have seriously slacked on my posted here, I am happy to be a new mommy to a happy girl and excited about my new (and more complicated) life.  She is growing so much each and every day…it is amazing.  To this day, I find myself in disbelief.  I am a mother.  You, my dear, are my child?  Really?  Is this real? LOL.  Of course, it is real and I find myself taking it day by day with her.  I try to capture memories by taking as many photos and videos as I can because I know these times won’t last long!

So, this post is a very short post to fill you all in on why I have been absent.  I am planning to continue blogging here this year, so stay there.  However, I do know that my posts may change a bit to include some baby talk on occasion.   Well, Happy Tuesday and see you guys when I unleash my next post!





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