Baby Wearing: Will The Ergo Baby Carrier Solve My Problems?

Baby wearing? Yes, baby wearing.  I’d like to talk about baby wearing today because it is something that has been on my mind for all of last week!  You see, I’ve recently started to transport my baby to a caregiver’s home daily (excluding the weekends).  This means that I have to carry my daughter, her bag, my bag and any other extra bag I might need for the day from home to car and vice versa.  It’s difficult work!  I’ve been reading through the forums on and to see what other moms do and I was surprised to see that one of the most prevalent suggestions was to ask the hubster to put the bags in the car the night before or in the morning.  What?  So everyday, you are supposed to rely on your husband to get that job done for you?  Hey, kudos to you if that actually works for you, but in my world, I don’t see how it would be possible!  That might work fine for a week, if that!  Being an an independent woman, I like to figure out ways to handle this without always having to depend upon my husband on a daily basis.  There is already enough on his plate and I KNOW I can handle this piece with some planning ahead.

So, I’ve had to take some time to think about other ways to make this work and the awesome epiphany of “baby wearing” jumped out at me.  Yes, I believe that baby wearing just might do the trick!  For instance, I get home and want to get ready to make some dinner for myself and also prepare something for baby girl.  Well, I’m just not down for carrying her around in my arms everywhere I go within my place so I put her down and allow her to play.  Unfortunately, within minutes I hear her whining and the whining turns to crying and then the crying turns to full out WAILING.  Not all the time, though!  This usually only happens when I really want to get something done.  Any other time, she’s JUST FINE.  I’m telling you!  It can be a frustrating thing unless the hubster is home to play with her.  BUT, if I am able to wear her, I might avoid some of that behavior.  Well, in theory, I guess.

I am actually not new to baby wearing.  I started wearing my baby when she was only a week old.   I received a Boba Wrap from my cousin Jamal at my baby shower and couldn’t wait to find an excuse to try it out.   I LOVED IT.  In fact, I still love it and still use it.  As much as I love my Boba wrap, it is just not safe for “back carrying.”  At least, that is what I have read.  In fact, they don’t even have instructions on how to back carry, so I’m assuming that is just not recommended.  Of course, you can do what you want to do, but I have decided that I need to go out and spend mo’ money.  That’s right. I’m going to invest in the Ergo Baby Carrier.  It is a structured baby carrier that will allow for front and back carry, very helpful for the mom who wants to cook, do laundry and an assortment of other activities while keeping her baby calm and out of danger. Because I am not an impulse shopper, I will probably give it a week or so before I actually purchase one.  Who knows, I might discover a reason why I shouldn’t purchase this one in particular. However, there are group of women at my church who use these and swear by them, so I’d definitely like to see how it can work for me.  Heck, maybe I’ll just buy a used one from ebay or craigslist if I can be assured that it is not counterfeit.

Mamas out there, what say you about baby wearing?  Do you have an Ergo?  If so, do you like it?  If you don’t like it, what structured carrier would YOU suggest?  I would like to hear from you on this so please take the time to comment if you get the chance!

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