Jonesing on Sisterlocks!

Several years ago, when I decided to wear my hair natural AGAIN, I began my journey with the help of Youtube.  Youtube was my everything when it came to figuring out how to care for my hair, how to style my hair, what products to try, routines and any other random question I might have had at the time.  I am thankful for all of the beautiful souls who created videos (AfricanExport, whoissugar, glamazini, mstanish1) to help educate others who were seeking the help.  I think that it is because all of them that I have been able to be natural and stay natural since 2008!

Anyhoo, during my days of Youtubing it (and I mean, on youtube at all hours of the day watching videos), I had been subscribed to Ibyl and at the time she was a loose haired natural.  Then one day, she decided to get sisterlocks and because I was so consumed with my loose hair, I stopped watching her videos.  A few years ago, I came across her again on instagram and I was in utter shock!  Her hair had grown so long and it was absolutely gorgeous!  So, I got on the “sisterlock hype” and began researching them, finding blogs, and all of that wonderful stuff.  In the end, I simply couldn’t commit to them.

Photo Borrowed from: Rockin’ it Napptural Don’t know original owner of photo!

Well, here I am again, jonesin’ on sisterlocks.  Why?  An acquaintance of mine just got her locks installed and shared a photo on facebook and honey, it is fabulous!  So, why not me? Working full-time while caring for a baby girl is hard work and occupies most of my time.  Now, let us add caring for loose natural hair into that picture…you can probably imagine what I’m lookin’ like right about now.  I won’t insert a picture, I’ll leave that to your imagination!

Sisterlocks seems like a great option for me because I am seriously going through a lifestyle change right now.  I’ve been youtubing/blog searching again and have found these beautiful ladies with sisterlocks to admire in my spare time.  I’m sharing them with you because if you’ve landed on this page, you are like me and have started to research sisterlocks.

Ibyl on Youtube – She’s a Vlogger with beautiful and thick Sisterlocks

Huntresslocs Blog – She is also a vlogger on Youtube!

Kreyolas Journey – She has been blogging for some time now about Sisterlocks on her site!

Please believe that there are many more than this, but I’m just sharing the ones that I have enjoyed watching and reading this week.

Until next time,



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