ErgoBaby Carrier is the Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread!

Hello Peeps!

It’s been a month since I posted about the fact that I was considering purchasing an Ergobaby carrier to help make things easier for me and my baby at home and on the go.  Well, since then, I DID purchase a carrier on sale.  I had been debating on whether to purchase a used one or a new one.  REI had a beautiful carrier in Mystic Purple on sale for about $87 and when I noticed, I hopped on it quickly!

Internet image of Ergo Carrier in Mystic Purple

Internet image of Ergo Carrier in Mystic Purple

I received the carrier within 4-5 days.  The box was all kinds of messed up and crumbled (either from shipping or because it was a clearance item) but the unit was completely fine.  Since the day I received it, I really put it to use.  Here are a few of the ways I have decided to use my carrier:

1)  Carrying my baby to and from the car in the mornings and evenings (front carry).

2)  Using the back carry to hold my baby when I am doing active chores like sweeping,  picking up things, cooking and laundry.

3)  Taking walks around the neighborhood (back or front carry).

4)  Putting my baby to sleep (back or front carry)

One thing that I have noticed is that my baby loves to be visually stimulated and will be bored easily if I am standing stationary.  So, I find it best to use the carrier when I am know that I will be moving around, otherwise she will begin to fidget and move around because she wants out.  I have to say that I love this carrier to pieces.  It comes with me wherever I go.  Even if I am going to use the stroller, I carry this bad boy just in case I have to make the switcherroooo…you never know.

Also, I really love the back carry!  Originally, I tried to back my baby using simple cotton material the way my mother in law would do it.  Well, I didn’t feel supported and I didn’t like the way my breasts were mashed down in order to make that work.  This carrier allows me to back carry without the mash effect and still feel that my baby is supported well and will NOT fall out.  The only negative is I find that you must adjust the straps a lot.  Why?  Well, if you are constantly switching from front carry to back carry, how tight you need the carrier changes from carry to carry.  I supposed this will not be an issue for those of you who always front carry.  But, I am always mixing it up, so I before I use my carrier, I always loosen up the straps.  It’s really not that bad.

I highly recommend this carrier as well as the Boba Wrap.  For me, the Boba wrap was the best thing to use when my baby was newly born and didn’t have much strength or coordination.  Moving on to 6 months and beyond, the Ergo carrier is the next carrier to own, in my opinion!

Have a wonderful day!




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