Imose Boutique is having a CLUTCH Sale!

Greetings all,

Some time ago, I mentioned that I started an etsy shop (Imose Boutique) housing beautiful handmade accessory items made out of vibrant African prints sourced in Nigeria.  Today, I am back again to let you in on some awesome news.  This month, we are having a SALE SALE SALE!  Yes, for the entire month of October, the clutches (as well as other items) have been marked down and I hope that you will check them out and take advantage of the sale!

We are very proud of the items listed in our shop and want to share our pride with you all!  The items that I would like to highlight today are the statement clutches.  These clutches can be styled up or styled down depending on your own individual style and that is something that I love about African prints.

I’d like to feature the most popular clutches in the shop.  The first is this beautiful Sky Blue Statement Clutch:

Clutch by Imose Boutique

Clutch by Imose Boutique:

This color matches with the color of the sky and whenever I look at it, it gives me PEACE.  LOL..I’m telling you!  There is something about the colors that does it for me!  Next up is a clutch for the purple lovers in the house!  Yes,  I am a lover of purple and because of it, I had to have a clutch with purple in it.  This is one of the first clutches we created!!

Clutch by Imose Boutique

Clutch by Imose Boutique:

Now, last but not least, we have a clutch with major bam and boom.  Why?  Because the fabric used to create it has striking and bold colors in it.  Yellows, Oranges and Blues everywhere really make this clutch a STATEMENT clutch.

Clutch by Imose Boutique

Clutch by Imose Boutique:

In order to take advantage of the sale, you do not need a coupon code.  The prices have already been adjusted to make the shopping experience easier for you all.  Remember this sale will only last for the month of October!

Have a nice weekend!



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