Sewing Project 1: Peplum Blouse Completed!


Guess what?  I finally committed to a new project!  Yay me! 😉

What was it?  The ever so popular Peplum Top.  I grabbed this pattern a couple of months ago during a brief sale at Joann’s Fabric Store.  Specifically, I used Vogue’s V8815.  Yes, everyone and their mother has done this pattern…but hey, it’s simple and cute, so I did it too! I made a decision to get the party started by reviewing the pattern envelope.  This was my first diy garment and let me tell you, it was quite the experience.  Pattern reading was bit more challenging than I had initially thought.

Vogue Pattern V8815 View A

Vogue Pattern V8815 View A

Reading a pattern for me is like reading hieroglyphics – NO JOKE!  In fact, I knew that I have already made a mistake with cutting my fabric, however, I am not going to cut more pieces because I believe that my mistake is not really that serious.  Basically, the pattern instructions told me to cut a piece with the pattern side facing down and I did not that.  This is a learning experience, right? 😉

I used some wonderful fabric that some of my extended family picked up for me in Nigeria.  Luckily, I have plenty of that fabric so if I want to try again for a better result, I can easily cut new pieces.


I’m very satisfied with the results.  Of course, it is not perfect.  There are plenty of things I need to learn.  So before you all start blabbing at the mouth about the imperfections, I’m going to zoom in on them now…lol…


I had some issues working out the bias tape application.  Honestly, I have no idea what bias tape is for and how it was supposed to be applied.  Yes, there were instructions, but I didn’t understand them completely.  LOL.  Anyone out there reading this, tell me if I did this correctly or incorrectly…or what I have left to do.  I’d really appreciate it.  I’m basically teaching myself to sew and anyone free help I can get would be useful! 😉

So, this is all I have for you folks.  By the way, I wore this top on Easter Sunday, but I’m not ready to post pics!  Shy gyal all of a sudden, but I do think that I will make other tops like this with other fabrics.  Thanks so much for reading this post!  Until next time!




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